Friday, May 1, 2009

Bill Hart at Criterion Gallery

I just want to alert everyone to Bill Hart’s exhibition at Criterion Gallery in Criterion Street, Hobart. It opened last night and features a lot of work from his PhD submission, which I wrote about in one of my first blog posts. I was upset that not many people would know about or be able to get along to the weekend PhD ‘exhibition’ so I’m glad some of the work is being re-exhibited, even if it is only a small selection of the works plus a few new (I think) works on paper.

This is basically a quick post just to say I’m still here. I’ve just been too busy to write a longer, more considered post. I was hoping that after my previous post, which was, I know, fairly uncritical, my next post should be a little more creative. I have a few documents on the go, so I’m hoping to have something up next week.

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