Saturday, January 15, 2011

MONA FOMA: twittering micro critic

Over the next week I'm acting as a MONA FOMA microcritic for ABC local radio (936).

As I've mentioned in previous posts, (which can be viewed here, here, and here)  MONA FOMA is a music, sound and art festival with an emphasis also on food and wine.  This year's MONA FOMA is also a lead up to the much anticipated opening of MONA, David Walsh's exciting new museum.

Four local tweeters and I have been chosen to critically tweet throughout the festival, which officially opened yesterday.  I'm already exhausted, as is my data allowance (I'm lucky enough to have my monthly cap refreshed tomorrow, however). I tweet under the name of @stealthpooch so if you're on twitter, please follow, whether you're local or not, and share the experience with me.  If you're not on twitter, I've also added my twitter feed on the sidebar of this blog, so you can read my tweets that way. Otherwise you can also subscribe via an RSS feed.

If you are local to Hobart, I strongly urge you to attend both the festival and the museum opening.  The festival is almost completely free, with the exception of a Philip Glass performance and the Grinderman concert.  At the festival, there are fantastic sound art exhibitions, performance art, bands, cooking demonstrations and great wine and beer, and the museum will blow your mind.

Just do it.


Lisa said...

I've been enjoying the tweets.

anthea said...

Oooo this looks like fun.


James2021 said...

agree that it looked fun.

also looking forward to a review of mona now that it is open. can't wait to get down there to check it out.


Lucy said...

D-Train, I'd love to review MONA but I have conflicts of interest where the museum is involved unfortunately. You'll just have to believe me when I say it's genuinely wonderful and I hope you make it out there soon

James2021 said...

No conflict, no interest!! Understand and thanks for the reply. Perhaps you should do a list / itinerary of what art lovers should do in Hobart before or after seeing Mona? Will have to get down there in 2011 ...