Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Discord - Art from MONA

I've had to remove this post, as the piece of writing was commissioned for an art magazine. See the next edition of Artlink for my review of Discord - Art from Mona.
I've left the image published in the MONA FOMA catalogue of Céleste Boursier-Mougenot's amazing piece From Here to Ear though. The work is on display at the Long Gallery until the 1st of Feb. Please please make an effort to see/hear/experience it, as it really is incredible.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the favorable and accurate review.

While I am the curator for the festival as a whole, most of this work was curated on behalf of MONA by Nicole Durling, who did a fantastic job under trying conditions and severe time constraints.

Besides the cornucopia of sound/art you mentioned there are a few other exhibits on display in or around Salamanca Arts Centre, including work by the Italian manga wizard Davide Toffolo, and local sound/artists Raef Sawford and Scot Cotterell. In addition there was a fascinating performance by Ben Blakebrough during our Friday night "Sound Bites" show at Salamanca.

More to come at the next MONA FOMA.


Brian Ritchie

Lucy said...

Thanks Brian for your comments. I regrettably left out Nicole's input in this review, but that's been fixed in the version that I sent my editor. In regards to the other works you mention, I picked only a couple of artworks to discuss in this review because of word count restraints, but I've really enjoyed all the works I've seen at SAC. My last published review was funnily enough on Scot's work up at 6a gallery, so I felt that I should perhaps give someone else a try this time.

Unfortunately someone recommended that I don't post this review until after it's been published in artlink so I'm going to have to remove this post now. I'm glad someone got to read it at least! Thanks again, Lucy