Friday, November 25, 2011

Shotgun. Do it now

This is just a quick note about the current exhibition at CAST, the inaugural Shotgun exhibition featuring two local artists: Andrew Harper and Amanda Davies. It’s a fantastic exhibition and I only wish I’d seen it earlier because it closes on Sunday. This is not a review, but more a firm nudge.  If you haven’t seen it and live locally, you must.

Andrew Harper’s video Hieronymus (2011) combines two of my favourite things: weird religious rituals and beer.  It’s one of those few videos that have commanded my attention for multiple loops.  Oh and it contains a naked artist.

Andrew Harper, Hieronymus (2011), Video Still. Source: CAST

Amanda Davies, installation shot, source: CAST
Amanda Davies’ paintings seemed a bit static and dull in comparison, but once you shake off the dark, the noise, and the movement from Harper’s work, they’re a bit more engaging.  The work that stood out was the ghostly Incapacity (2011), and I also enjoyed the abstract work next to the entrance, which seemed to be the eventual conclusion to the otherwise figurative collection.  Unfortunately, the abstracted painting is not in the catalogue.

You have two more days, Hobartians! 

29 October – 27 November 2011
Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (CAST), 27 Tasma Street, North Hobart
Open 12-5pm

All images from the CAST website

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